5 Common Complaints About Meetings and What to Do About Them (5/5)

5 Common Complaints About Meetings and What to Do About Them (5/5)

5. We keep having the same conversations because nothing gets done between meetings.

To address this problem, make sure you have closure on each topic so that next steps are nailed down. Send out a summary of the meeting within an hour of it’s ending or at least before end of day. Assign someone to follow up with everyone between meetings to see that they are making progress on the action items that were assigned to them. Start keeping track of how many items are completed — aim for an 85% completion rate. When your completion rate slips, stop and have a conversation with your group about what would help you all get back on track.

You may not be able to completely eliminate complaints about meetings, but you can reduce them. And if you’re the one lodging the complaints, remember that you are as responsible as anyone for creating a positive meeting culture. So take action now to make every meeting better.


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