Welcome to the FDL Group.

The FDL Group provides services that cover the complete Supply Chain, services that are distinguished by flexibility and technical know-how. Main target of the Group is to foresee and achieve the clients needs, offering tailor-made solutions.
Join the world of 3PL, international transportation and the specialized IT/IS services. Get to know the high standard supply chain services which combined with modern tools and management systems combine the highest levels of quality with competitive pricing.


Based on the company’s culture and values, we employ the best managers available on the market. We choose the right person for the right function.


We do not stop to innovate, investing in new information management systems, state-of-the-art equipment and the continuous development of our operations.


We are the fastest growing logistics group in Greece. Each success of our clients is ours as well. We attract investments, develop strategic partnerships and continuously increase our market share.


We apply the highest standard of quality throughout the scope of our activities, being certified with EN ISO 9001 – ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005-HACCP. This starts from warehousing and distribution until the IT/IS applications and international transportation, combining quality with competitive pricing levels.

In the FDL group we foresee and meet our clients needs, providing solutions in warehousing.

Our people, combining systems and processes in a unique way are in a position to provide the most reliable services at the best prices in the market.

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The provision of distribution services of high standards, consistency and reliability is a basic priority for the FDL group. By investing continuously over the last yeast we have managed to provide a reliable network fully covering the needs of our clients.

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The FDL group provides, through its subsidiary Velostrans, a wide range of international forwarding services that consists of road, sea and air transport.

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Investing in the development and combined with our knowhow in the field of logistics and benchmark of technology we created our own Logistics Management System (LMS). The LMS serves the continuously increasing needs and adjusts perfectly to the different needs of our clients.

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Aiming the continuous extension of our services, we follow up closely the trends of the market and develop new innovative Value Added Services (VAS) that cover and enhance the operations of our clients.

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Foodlink is the parent company of the FDL group. It was founded in 1997 with the target to become one of the largest companies on the contract logistics market. Having created partnerships with many of the largest Greek and international companies, and supported by a strong team of experienced managers, Foodlink today is one of the leading companies in the market, being the sole company trading on the Athens stock exchange.

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Velostrans was founded in 2005, being active in the field of international transportation and became a member of the group through a takeover in 2011 offering high quality services. With a commitment to serve the customer, focus on experienced personnel and a network of international partners, Velostrans is the ideal partner for every transport abroad, either import or export.

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Transport Link is a transport company, founded in 2007 with the purpose to cover one of the basic needs of the Greek market at the time: high quality transportation of food under chilled conditions.

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Express Link was founded in 2005 and is active on the parcel deliveries market for special packages in a B2B and B2C environment.


Foodlink Cyprus was founded in 2012 and provides warehousing and distribution services throughout Cyprus, having 3 warehouses (Lemesos, Larnaca and Pafo).


The group having a target of further geographic expansion with a focus on the Balkans founded Foodlink Albania in 2013, based in Tirana having as main activity the provision of 3PL services.


Dot Link was founded in 2013 with the target of providing the development and commercialization of the in-house developed WMS towards companies that want to cover their logistics need through specialized IT and IS solution, thus controlling the flow of information and goods.


Foodlink SA Invests amount 800.000 euro in 2014

Foodlink SA Invests amount 800.000 euro in 2014

Foodlink SA, member of FDL Group, the fastest growing logistics company and the only one that operates in the Athens Stock Exchange (Alternative Market), moved on to investments of the amount of 800,000 euro during 2014. More specifically, Foodlink expanded its freeze and cool warehouse storage space; at the same time, on July 2014, the company acquired a new distribution center (ambient storage) of 10,000...



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