Can I follow the position of my products?

Within the FDL group we have developed systems of tracebility and real-time reporting that allow you to know where you products are at any given time, from the moment of reception into the warehouse until the return of the goods. This also includes the cash on delivery management.

What is reverse logistics?

Reverse logistics involves the planning, execution and effectively controlling the flow of goods from the final consumer to the point of shipment (e.g. products over their expiry dates).

What is green logistics?

The development of green logistics is all about the creation of services, infrastructure and technology that reduce the logistics energy footprint to the minimum possible. From the point of shipment until the final consumer, including all forwarding services and reverse logistics, we plan for the optimized economic and ecological solution. In the FDL group we invest in systems and warehousing processes and proper selection of materials, in vehicles of the latest technology and methods of proven worth, recycling, energy reducing programs etc.

How are my needs served in a network of different clients?

During the start-up of a new cooperation, we define you needs exactly, both quantitative and qualitative, depending on the category of products you want to be handled and we adjust our services – warehousing, inventory management, transportation, shipping etc – to those.

Why is it important to work with a company that provides logistics management?

For you to be competitive in your market, you have to have your products available at the right place, at the right time in the most cost efficient and effective manner. This is what a logistics management company does for you, offering flexibility, management of cost and time, low up-front investments and allowing you company to grow.

What is 3PL or Third Party Logistics?

3PL or Third Party Logistics is the field of providing complete logistics solutions through external partners (contract logistics) for part or the complete management of the supply chain (SCM or Supply Chain Management) for our clients.