Investing in the development and combined with our knowhow in the field of logistics and benchmark of technology we created our own Logistics Management System (LMS). The LMS serves the continuously increasing needs and adjusts perfectly to the different needs of our clients.

The systems consists of the WMS (warehouse Management System) that serves the warehousing needs and the TMS (transport management system) that serves transportation and distribution. With those two subsystems we follow the flow of goods and information throughout all the stages from supplier to the final delivery point.
Using benchmark technologies, we developed a subsystem of wireless scanners (RF) and voice picking that increase productivity and productivity of warehouse transactions. In addition they allow to monitor the moves of the warehouse in real-time, providing traceability of lots, expiry dates and serial numbers as well as the handling of variable weight (or volume or other physical measures). At the same time we developed RTMOTO for the real-time follow up of vehicle position, the state of the route and the status of each delivery order.

We support the possibility to connect to all possible platforms of our clients, creating special interfaces for the use os ASCCII files, XML or EDI messages, SAP iDocs and others. The synchronization of systems can be done automatically, every few minutes or at specific times, depending on the need of each client. In parallel there is the option for the client to access the LMS through an e-logistics platform.