Foodlink is the parent company of the FDL group. It was founded in 1997 with the target to become one of the largest companies on the contract logistics market. Having created partnerships with many of the largest Greek and international companies, and supported by a strong team of experienced managers, Foodlink today is one of the leading companies in the market, being the sole company trading on the Athens stock exchange (alternative market or EN.A).

Foodlink is certified against EN ISO 9001-ISO9001:2008 and ISO22000:2005-HACCP and combined with a sense of social responsibility, handles any kind of consumer goods applying the highest quality standards. At the same time our experience and knowhow we have accumulated due to our long-term presence in the logistics market allow us to offer especially high standard of services whilst maintaining competitive prices. The markets in which Foodlink is active are:

  • Warehousing (across all temperature ranges)
  • Transportation
  • Distribution
  • Supply Chain Services/Logistics
  • Co-packing
  • Consultancy with regards to logistics

Through constant investments in the area of HR, Systems and processes, Foodlink aims at permanent dynamic growth with a continuous increase of market share and the expansion into new markets though new strategic partnerships.


A fast growing and global demand needs responsivity in Global Scale. This is where FDL Group invested and integrated Velostrans SA.

Velostrans was founded in 2005, being active in the field of international transportation and became a member of the group through a takeover in 2011 offering high quality services. The experience of managers, the responsibility and consistency of personnel, the commitment to serve the customer, the choice of reliable partners and the flexibility to solve problems are the elements that continue to identify the company. The combination of previous elements has contributed to the creation of longstanding relations, trust and cooperation with many of its clients, making Velostrans SA a valuable partner. Velostrans is the ideal partner for every transport abroad, either import or export.

The services offered are road freight, sea freight and air freight. The company has an especially strong road network in France, Spain, UK, Portugal, Italy, and we lately started new lines as Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Baltics, Georgia and Ireland.   The road service is extended to Cyprus in collaboration with the Sea -freight service. For road-transport, weekly routes are executed to and from main European countries, both on a full truck load and groupage level. Transport services are provided under ambient, chilled and frozen conditions. Velostrans provided to customers cross-docking services in Greece and Cyprus as well E- commerce deliveries B2C and B2B. In sea-freight, the cooperation with the largest shipping companies and the international network of partners, ensures speed, flexibility, reliability and competitive prices. organizes, daily, the direct and reliable transportation of goods, with the option of direct delivery. For Air Transport and in collaboration with the biggest companies of the industry, Velostrans offers high quality services in competitive prices.

The central offices are in Aspropirgos – position Kirillos, whereas hubs are located both in Aspropirgos and Sindos.


Transport Link is a transport company, founded in 2007 with the purpose to cover one of the basic needs of the Greek market at the time: high quality transportation of food under chilled conditions.

By having a private fleet, high standard services can be provided in the transporation and distribution of temperature controlled goods throughout Greece (for ambient, chilled and frozen).

Transport Link has continued to invest in latest technology vehicles (EURO 6) over the past years. Also, solutions with regards to quality, road safety, traceability and real-time reporting of order status have been developed.

This strategy has put in place a firm basis for the provision of high level services, fully meeting the needs of our clients.


Express Link was founded in 2005 and is active on the parcel deliveries market for special packages in a B2B and B2C environment.


Foodlink Cyprus was founded in 2012 and provides warehousing and distribution services throughout Cyprus, having 3 warehouses (Lemesos, Larnaca and Pafo).


Dot Link was founded in 2013 with the target of providing the development and commercialization of the in-house developed WMS towards companies that want to cover their logistics need through specialized IT and IS solution, thus controlling the flow of information and goods.