FDL Group implements policies and practices of corporate social responsibility that express and implement in real-terms the social, environmental and human-focused diligence of the group. Our action adapt a practice concerned with the environment, health and safety, sustainable growth, society and local community, using optimized technological solution, always according to the law and international standards and even moving beyond them.
Recognizing the importance of sustaining the environment, the FDL Group invests with determination in environmental ways of working applying and promoting green logistics through the adoption of environmental friendly technological methods and means.
The innovative voice picking reduces the use of paper throughout the preparation process, allowing at the same time for higher productivity and quality. The implementation has already started and will be implemented throughout the warehouses of the group.
The reduction of the energy footprint of the company is achieved first of all through the use of a series of machines and devices of the highest possible energy class, also special signs have been deployed for the reduction of energy in all working spaces of the company advising on use of air-conditioning and other energy consuming devices.
Also, the addition of the fleet by adding EURO 5 and 6 vehicles that operate according to the latest European standards, ensuring lower CO2 footprint. In 2014, investing €400.000 in the purchasing of new trucks, we reinforced the existing fleet with new EURO 6 vehicles, also classed as lightweight, certified with CoC (Certificate of Conformity) CEMT and TUV. With this investment we speeded up the reduction of the energy footprint of transportation and the fuel consumption.
Within the same mindset we execute the ecological handling of all recyclable materials through specialized companies. Just in 2013 we recycled 493 tons of recyclable materials.
In terms of human resources, FDL Group give opportunities to people independent of nationality, religion, age or gender. We support programs of corporate social responsibility and focus our attention mainly on vulnerable members of the local community. We ensure we open new horizons for the employment of the members of the local community, undertaking positive action and participating at the same time in meetings and awareness for the employment of female scientists in the Thriasio area.