FDL Group knowing that the customers increasing demand in conjunction with hyper-competitive markets, multi-channel retailing with increased customization and other retail challenges, all have major impacts on logistics. Furthermore, the ever-expanding range of products, sizes, weights, colors and other SKU variations, continuously enlarges the inventory profile in the majority of retailers.

The competitive advantage of FDL Group in retail is the supply of strategies, value-driven logistics solutions using experts who understand the unique requirements and standards of the industry. With FDL Group as a strategic partner in Wholesale every part of your supply chain can be improved with fully integrated services and outstanding costumer service.As e-commerce retailers expand into bricks and mortar locations, and traditional retailers enter new markets, you need the right logistics partner to ensure your new store openings are fully stocked and ready to go.

Retail expansions can be complex and costly if the supply chain breaks down along the way. Our network of locations, coupled with our project management and logistics fulfilment solutions, makes us the right partner to help your grand openings go off without a hitch. We will adhere to your tight schedules and facilitate the communication at destination